Friday, July 30, 2010

The Death

It scares me enough and so many questions cross my I ready enough for it when my turn comes? Am I good follower to my God, confess my sins on all of my wrong done? Am I good daughter to my parents, serving them as a daughter should do? Am I good enough to be a sister to my siblings? How about my loving families, friends and others when I leave them?
Nothing on Earth would last forever, our turn will come, but we never knew when it is. But seldom of us realize we just temporary living here!
I realized when people I met and knew and even someone I love the most (my mom) left me rapidly..
Today, my former colleague, (before was my officemate who died of cancer) both gone, within a week!
Oh God, I do really scare of it! I do still need your guide in my path.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Broga Hill Expedition

24th July 2010-The expedition started as early as 5am and we get ready before 5am. Broga Hills, located at Semenyih with height of 400 meters, takes about 1hour to reach the top or even more than an hour to take you there (for the beginners).

~Waiting for others~

~our first pit stop~

~New dawn~

~Me_taking pics for remembrance ~

~Ladies..finally we make it!~

~from the top~

~our team~

~the most happiest faces of the day after the hiking. Cheers!~

~the victorious faces~

Thanks a lot to my team for the support & courage. Next expedition will be Ledang Hills! (still in proposal then!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

When word “Sorry” takes place

Situation I (via SMS)
Her: Where are you?
Him: So sorry, I’m busy, can’t call or SMS you.
Her: Ok (sigh..if it can be expressed through SMS..)

Situation II (via SMS)
Him: So sorry dear, I’m busy, please take care of yourself
Her: K (again she sighed!)

This is really occurred, incurred by man to woman relationship!
• Why man never understood woman’s feeling when she really needs you to hear her mourn?
• Why it is so hard for a man to just say ‘hi’ for his girl even he is busy in his career?
For man..Please think of it

p/s: she never wanted a ton of gold to be delivered to her home, bunches of flowers to be sent to her front door, but consider a little time for her to know you better.
Because “SORRY” is not a right word for you to excuse yourself from being not guilty and hold down on your words because talk is cheap actually.

A Proverb!

Tagalong proverb: kung pukulin ng bato, tinapay ang iganti mo
~ If someone throws stone at you, throw back bread!~

Hmmm…this one taken from my best friend’s page, but I didn’t agreed enough with her. As I replied, why not we just throw back stone to her as well? And her advice to me (as usual). It’s not good Frouline to do the same thing, seems like you took the revenge.

That’s the reality of life actually. Hard for us to find someone who really sincere to you if you not aware of them! I experienced it before with one of my friends! I thought she can be the one of my best buddies, without knowing what she did for me actually for a reason lies behind. And my blunder, I put on all my trust on her, sharing everything that best friends should do, but she betrayed me! And now, seems like everything is in vain. (HAMPEH)!

Dear God, guide me from this revenge. Put your love in me, and may I never failed to love you more every day, not just today! Free up my mind from doing something that could destroy myself. Let set it free, free from my misery..

Friday, July 9, 2010

World Cup Fever

Am I lame when everyone talks about World Cup, but I prefer Showdown 2010? One thing for sure, I’ll never sacrificed my sleeping hour watching the match till morning! Very funny when my friends ask me for betting and the most embarrassing part when I didn’t know which one I should support. And my answer is so simple, “Those winning I will bet for, for sure I will not bet for the loser! Hahaha
The weirdest for the soccer fanatic (should be soccer lunatic), the octopus aka Oracle Paul becomes a victim in this betting. Just bear in mind, all are coincidence when all the prediction by him, because he never knew how to kick the ball even never knew what is soccer about!
And he picks Spain over Netherlands to win World Cup! So guys, just wait & see!!