Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just A Dream..

For the day dreamers.. Don't dream too much..It will destroy your mindset :p

Looking for the right path

I'm heading to the North, to the West, to the South and to the East...
but now I'm caught in the middle..
Which path should i take?
and i'm wondering whether I'm on the right track or not...
Three months to go for the new beginning and for new chapter
I ask myself, whether my missions are accomplished?
Or am I still become a dreamer? Dreaming for something that I wouldn't know the result..
It's not easy for me to out from the comfort zone.. too many choices I have to take..
To play safe or to play risky??

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breaking The Silence

_photo by: Shark Keyz_(thanks ya)

This silence really kills me enough..when I don't have opportunity to voice out what I really wanted to say. Like I was put on detention without trial, no rights to defense me. My rights were denied, and I was continuously be blamed.
It comes to worse when a man tries to be a judge, but he did not have a knowledge on it, judging me without consider my defense. Why must keep silence if reality yet to be discovered? Nothing to hide, the best thing is to confront the reality, not running from the reality, ya! Sometimes, some words are best unspoken, but I'm telling you, they will kill you slowly.. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Letter to God

Dear God..
Thanks for the gifts you gave to me.. for the life I’ve been through along with my way I’ve been here for 27 years..
The trials you gave me, taught me life is not easy as you come along with me to be my guide. And you never failed reveal me, everything happened, there must be a reason lies behind
As your daughter, I always failed to recognize your bestow..the most greatest one and sometimes I lost my faith in you as I think you never wanted to hear my prayer and refuse to hear my heart..
And thanks God..for everything I have, my lovely family, my lovely friends, my career, my life..and last but not least, maybe someone I love most @ someone that I never thought whether he still needs me or not..
However God, do assist me along my journey…

Lots of love, from your daughter