Thursday, September 29, 2011

I put on my weight!

Received many complaints from my peeps recently! I put on my weight again! With chubby cheeks & stomach! Hehehehe..
Then I realize last evening when I shop for my short pants. M is no longer fit, yah! Now I turn to L size! Haiya!! Got to work out to keep my ideal weight.

~jump babeh...jump...~ (Thanks to google search)

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Escape to Cameron _ Part III

Next....let's check out those things available in Cameron for its visitors...

~ The Lavender_ the fragrance I can't resist! Offer at the cheapest price that you can't find at any flower shops~

~ strawberries everywhere at every bite_ dip with chocolate , honey or even marshmallow. Awesome beb! Eat until the last bite!!~

~Cactus lovers_ you may find your preference here with varieties of cactus as your collection~

~ The fruits_ just name it...lemon, orange, guava, strawberry..ooopsss! we had a pic of tomatoes here (they are vegetables, not fruits, Frouline (^__^)

~The flowers_ woman really like them so muchhh...just take them with you, or ask your boyfriend or hubby to pay them for you.

p/s: I still owe my no no...he still owes me a trip to Cameron :)

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Escape to Cameron _ Part II

Visiting tea valley, the symbolic of our vacation to Cameron.

~ the signage: anytime is a tea time. for a hot cup of tea, we pay almost RM10, but its worth for the tea lover like me (am talking about the taste &the differences offer here compared to other tea I found in the market~

~tea valley: such a huge plantation site which hired more than 50 workers/time~

~ one of the tea houses by Bharat Tea. I love the decor inside~

~ Cameron Valley_ we're unofficial become the promoter here before down to the valley~

~ this pic taken for the purpose of remembrance which means I was here ~

p/s: Cameron Highland actually the most suitable place to escape from "the bees live" in urban city

Great Escape to Cameron _ Part I

My destination for this vacation is Cameron Highland. located somewhere in Pahang. It takes 4 hours drive you there from Putrajaya.

~ the accommodation sponsored by our unknown fan. Anyway, thanks ya..~

~ we had strawberries for the breakfast (our intention is to show off the world we're able to eat strawberries which is rare to be taken by Malaysian folk during breakfast)

~ the warm greeting from Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland! ~

~ night at Cameron! It's really cold & I half died of it~

~ here we are_ having our great time during breakfast with strawberry bites everywhere~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Escape

I thought I can escape.... What a sigh...really frustrating! Today I was assign to another portfolio, leaving my old one. So scary actually, I still hope I can be out of this "golden cage" when there is no love left for this place.

~sometimes i feel want to jump out from my window, but am scare of height~

Dear God, I need your miracle & accompany me. Am fed up already but am still blessed to have this job.

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Away for a while. From things around me this weekend with beloved friends. Our destination will be Cameron Highland. See there, ya...

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

De-motivational Week

Still feeling upset & demotivational! Frustrated to working environment, people around, things around and etc.

I received a message from someone this morning;

"Good Morning. Have a nice day & happy working"

One thing cross on my mind, "am I really enjoy my day and happy with my job as I did before?". I wish one day I could out from this 'cage'

p/s: I plan to have another vacation where I can enjoy myself for a while :) where I could re-gain my faith, hope & love (love of being myself)

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Preach of The Day

"We having problems in relationship because we expect others to understand us, expects others know who we are" It happens when we deny God's generosity in our life, we tend to change our faith, move from one church to another, try another religion just to find if you could feel the God's presence in your difficult life.

***St John, KL @ Sun, 18th Sept, 2011***

p/s: Have a blessed Sunday & let us let God's generosity appears in your life

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day

Today is our Malaysia Day! Happy Malaysia Day peeps! May all the peace & harmony with us.

Spending the whole day at home; woke up at 10:00am and missed the parade on tv.
Cheers yaa.

~chill up myself with James Patterson book~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Empty Aquarium

I loss all my fishes within 3 weeks! Haiya! What happened actually?? Something wrong with the water? Or less feeding? Hurmmmm....still investigate.

~an empty aquarium: I miss my fishes swimming freely inside :(~

~ only Memo left now. without his friends~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bila propaganda itu bermula...

Kisah nyer...bile tangan ni gatal2 nak set status kt FB tu yg "I'm a married person"...tak sangka noks! Sampai kazen mazen & kawan2 cakap aku ni betul2 kawen. Siap lagi dorang kol menokok tambah cerita yang aku ni nak kawen hujung tahun ni..

Alalalalala...tolong la wei..aku set status tu sebab kadang2 aku ni bengang bile dok tanya 'bile nk kawen'. Nih aku tolong jawab..."cari
laki tu bukan mcm cari ikan kt pasar, kalu la dapat buat macam tu, memang lama la aku ni dah kawen & beranak pinak. Tak yah I noks, bingung dok cari laki untuk jadi "laki".

Satu lagi korang kena ingat, jodoh ni Tuhan yang bagi, bukan macam main 4D @ sport toto (ntah..aku pn x reti sangat main no ni). I believe in God, for the mercy to come. None of us know what He plans for us actually. Full stop!

Apa la salah nyer wei, kalu dok single. Asalkan hepi aper. Bukan nyer kita ni dok menadah tangan minta nasik kt orang. (ni statement sengal & sakit hati, yer)

Paling best hujung tahun nie, bapak aku ingat aku betul2 gatal nak kawen. Dok canang satu kampung. Dah la dapat spekulasi dari sumber2 yang tak bernama. Mcm mana aku nk jawab. Karang ada pulak idea buruk aku, nk ajak mana2 mamat hensem kt airport nanti (time aku balik Xmas la), jumpa ngan bapak aku & say..."hi Dad, meet your son in-law". Kang tak pasal2 pulak bapak I pengsan noks!

Haiiyaaa....maybe kot, I'm too complicated, too selective. Tapi nak buat macam mana, dah lagu tu..

p/s: Saya masih menunggu saya punyer prince charming datang aka my steady boy friend masuk meminang....**wink**wink** (tak yah pakai kereta kuda pn nak meminang, sbb budget tinggi sangat).

Cheers ya, to all single ladies out there!!!

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A letter to God (Part II)

Dear God...

I ignore you recently & forget everything about you. As a daughter of God, I shouldn't forget about you. But it always be like this..when am in happiness, I ignore your presence in my life. I resist you in guiding my life.

God, help me to keep my faith in you. I still need you in my happiness nor sadness. May I never fail to love you.

p/s: God, grant my wish this year, ya..I really want to have something big in my life before year ends!

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Raining Outside

How calm & grace it is...September rain and it's heavy rain. Thanks God for the gift.

~taken from my window: cooling down the hot weather~

~after the rain: lets raining comes & wash away all the misery of yesterday~

~staring from my window & wishing someone else here with me to see the calm scene~

~ i made myself a cup of coffee & pancake (Sarawak version pancake)~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Friday, September 9, 2011

Farewell Hi-Tea cum Eid Mubarak Gathering

When everything seems to be free (mane ader free??)...I mean, free food & drinks for 'residents' of Palace of Justice (just forget about the name, there is no justice & mercy actually exists here, ya...)

~ some of pics taken from unofficial photographers. We do love pics taking, everywhere..anywhere..for every shoot we want it to keep as a memory~

Our last farewell gathering with Chief Judge of Malaysia, YAA Tun Dato’ Seri Zaki Bin Tun Azmi on his retirement this September. Cheers ya, Your Honor. May all the 'hard work' you gave to us remind us 'there is no mercy in judiciary even we serve the right those deserve the right'.

~ the remark of the ceremony_ his speech~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Sunday, September 4, 2011

All about celebration

A month of celebration...full of celebrations throughout this month. Double celebration when we have Independent Day PLUS Hari Raya. And most importantly, I celebrate my birthday for 3 times...
First with my best buddies, a nite before my birthday, then with my colleagues & "kaki joli" and recently with my "special one"! And it is so meaningful when he offer himself to cook for me..Thanks ya, pal for the dinner!

~ for the dinner_ he managed to cook, but..ayo! I forget to take some pics lo~ (missing pics: our lamb chop & mash potatoes)

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Friday, September 2, 2011

Am Nothing...

A simple prayer just enough to cure unstable emotion. Am so sorry for everything I did. I never wanted to hurt anyone, but sometimes I need my own space & needs. I love everyone around me, appreciate them, but I failed to show them. One day when I leave this world, I just want them remember my name in every prayer because am soooo happy to have such lovely friends and family in my life. Do remember, I really love them from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging