Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful imperfections

We are imperfect person, then we will find imperfect person to complete those imperfections! Because beautiful imperfections will make a beautiful relationship of all, for us to remember in the entire of our life. Just an example... My late mom, during her life... her mouth never stops complaining and mumbling until my dad gets tired of it. But once she left him, my dad always tell me that he really miss it!

And... I never dreaming of finding a perfect person to complete my life. Because those imperfections will color my life. Some people may feel my relationship with my man is a weird; no dating, seldom calling or messaging, just like on or off relationship. But we enjoy it. That’s our imperfections in our beautiful relationship. As long as we trust each other, know the limits, they are just enough (even you might think, am I on the right track to fall in love with the right man?)
Just ignore that feeling because we are born not to be a perfect person! Appreciation is most important to keep those relationship before you might lost it one day and you will never get any chances to grab it!

Because we’ve known each other by chance, then become friends, still friends by decision and remain friends and when we say we friends forever, that’s definitely a lifetime promise..(One of my favorite quotes)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lelengau..Part II

***enggau mem ku****

****famili aku****

***gambar ti palingdikerindu aku_benung meda tv*****

Dua minggu dah Gawai.. Pengerindu agi tinggal di menua, lebih agi diri sebilik. Mina maya tok jak meh ulih betemu & gauk ke pangan diri. Seminggu di menua bangat nadai berasai ke enggau begulai. Nya meh bangat enggai amat mulai kediri sepengudah cuti.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Month of Celebration!

Congratulation to my best buddies, Hayati Juki & Mary Chimi. This month really meaningful for them as they will getting married. Sorry guys for unable to attend your wedding. I do still remember our promise to attend any wedding between of us, but seems that I’m the one who is unable to attend your big days! So sorry guys, for breaking the promises we made. That’s why I hate keep promising for something I would not know whether I’ll do it or not. Because between three of us, I always making “a great excuse and escape”. Remember, I always made a great excuse when I feel lazy to attend class neither in the morning nor in the afternoon? Or making an excuse when time due to submit our group assignment, I will be the last minute person to submit and trouble both of you to do last minute edit works! Haha. So horrible am I. Only the prayer I can do it for both of you. May all the happiness will always be with both of you, my dear friends, and making a great friendship for us and I am so happy for both of you. Cheers! Lots of love from me, your best friend!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cry it out!

How great and how strength you are, you will be feeling down one day. You could say you’re the most powerful person in this world. But you will never knew, when the day would come.
A true story about my friend...she so proud of herself until she neglected others and like to condemn others because she always says, she is a great woman, no one can retain her and she say, and she can survive without others. She reminds me once; never let your tears drop for something unreasonable.
Yesterday may be the worst day for her. Finally she cried! She cried! And I was shocked when she cried for something unreasonable (she did mention this unreasonable thing to cry for me before)!
The best advice I was able to tell her..”cry it out, you may cry it out. Forget about your pride, forget about your dignity. You deserve to cry, may be you think it is suck, but it is worth to do so.
And the lesson I got from this, you will go nowhere if you always think you are the greatest one. What goes around will come around!Appreciate things around you and never let them went away. Never take everything for granted. You have to keep them as a part of yours!