Friday, December 14, 2012

MAHA 2012

MAHA Exposition biennial series is Malaysia's leading agricultural show. Held from November 23 until December 2 at MAEPS, Serdang Selangor. This agricultural exhibition provides lots of information to public generally, on technology based and research to attract  more local and international stakeholders to involve in agricultural industry. 

~ Where is Frouline? (At the entrance)~

~ The shy porcupines~

~ Lazy Deeerrrrssssss~

~ Baba brown sheeps & white sheeps (couldn't find Baba balck sheeps)~

~ Moo moo. We are cows! Not moo moo. But we sound moo moo (the black cow said)~

~Heavy machines for harvesting~

~At the back is paddy field~

For the cat lovers!!
~Please don't take my pics. I know for a long time am a cute cat, but please don't take any advantages on me~ (this cat talk too much lah!)

~I'm so tired of human. I refuse to have a look at your camera, human! Don't make me mad! @$#%!@&@**#*(^@*#^&$&~ (this cat like to 'mencarut' aka mumbling)
~Am so itchy. Is any one volunteer to scratch me?~

Done with the fussy cats! And next....
~ Products from dabai ( Sarawak local fruit). Dabai can ba found in Sarawak only (if I'm not mistaken) also known as Sarawak olive~ 

~Dabai cupcakes. The taste is yummy. For the first time I taste this cupcake~

~Pitted dabai @ Dried dabai~

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Monday, December 3, 2012

When we are getting bigger and bigger

Hihihi..another obsession of us. We like to edit our photo with funny edition. This is how we look like when we put sooooo much weight.. 

~This is really scare me when I'm getting bigger...bigger and bigger...(like he does)~

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging