Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010

Too many things happened through this year.. disappointed, happiness, sadnesses...
But the most tragic part before the closing year of 2010, I still admitted in hospital & today is my 4th day here..
the first time in my life, today i will celebrate my New Year 2011 in hospital together with patients, beautiful nurses & beautiful doctors.

Happy New Year 2011, pals. May all the best wishes will be with us! Cheers!!

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Gift

Just received this gift from a friend of mine while am busy shopping for my last preparation of this Xmas..and one thing I wonder, isn't it comes from the sincere heart or something lies behind this gift.

Anyway, Merry Xmas to all. May all the best wishes be with all of us

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sharing of A Marriage of Sarawak's PM

This is just a sharing from a page of my favorite politician, Mr Baru Bian in regards of our PM's marriage..
           He means a lot....unexplainable things for us to think.. 

Billion Dollar Bride

Meanwhile, we have exclusive pictures of Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud’s, new young bride. Kuching has been aflame with interest and amusement at the leaked information that the 74 year old has found himself a second wife who is still in her 20s.

However, the government has refused to issue official confirmation of the wedding ceremony that was celebrated at the weekend in the Chief Minister’s vast mansion (the financing of which remains a mystery, like the rest of his properties). Even senior Government Ministers are scouring the web for details of the new “Thief Lady”, who has yet even to be announced by name.

In desperation calls have been made to Sarawak Report and so we feel honoured to oblige.

Sarawak’s wealth around her neck

Sarawakians will not fail to notice that several thousand hectares of irreplaceable jungle must have been felled and turned to oil palm to adorn this lady’s neck.

One top London jeweller today gave the opinion that the rubies in her diamond tiara, necklace, ring and broach are “likely to be fake glass”. His reason was that if they were genuine cabochon rubies, like they appear to be, then they would be “priceless at such a size as that”. When pressed the jeweller hazarded that they would be worth at least RM150 million.
Since the Chief Minister has yet to release details about his bride we will leave Sarawakians to decide amongst themselves whether the Chief Minister has adorned his new wife in glass or cabochon ruby.

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Monday, December 20, 2010

Here I come for Xmas..

Shopping! Am in mode of Xmas..finally I'm done shopping for my beloved families.. plus leisure time with my best buddies...

~ a snap shoot before shopping~

~girl in purple_she's unwell but she tries her best to spend her time~

~we love acting~

~ can't retained ourselves of posing in-front of camera~

~pic everywhere_ can't help ourselves of having this kind of photo shoot!

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I bake ;p

For the first time, i baked! And this is because of Xmas! 

icing sugar + margarine 

put anything that you like (your milk, nestum, etc)

inside the oven_ huh! nk gak ambk gambar


put inside your food container (sebelum habis kena kidnap, much better u hide them ;p)

ni biskut makmur...was baked a night before 

I baked 2 types of biscuits.. the taste??? not so bad even it was my first trial...

p/s: thanks to my advisers..;p

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sing A Xmas song...

I really enjoy with this song, because one of the singers are my dearest friend, Rose Ragai. This performance actually sang by them in conjunction of pre- Xmas 2010 celebration together with special children somewhere in Sipitang if I'm not mistaken. And the best part, she sings loudly, clearly, but still not vividly..hahtaha..but most importantly, sing it energetically, my dear friend .

p/s: i just have opportunity to view it tonight, friend and really enjoy it, even just in a short time

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Hair Style

Finally i make up my mind, after for a long time to decide! Today I get my new hair style, with shoulder length, I feel easy and free. And most important, easy for me to maintain my hair since am not so girlish. So, I can let my hair falls perfectly ;p

before :: curly & long hair

after :: neat & tidy with shoulder length

Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking for a new "friend"

Am thinking of having Nokia 3310 @Nokia 3210 when others chasing for Blackberry or Blueberry or whatever "Berry" in the market. I don't know how many times my family & friends asked me to change to new phone since the old one having so much difficulties, but still i refused as long as it still functioning. And among the statement from them...

"dek nya ukai nadai duit ka meli, tang bangat kedekut". Huh!

But when it gives me troublesome lately, I decided to have new one soon or later. The main problem is, I have to think twice, even hundred times to have the most advance and latest mobile phone in the market. Call me stingy, because I will not spend more than RM1K for it, as long as I can use it for my daily usage (to call out, to call in, to send SMS) 

Nokia 3210 & Nokia 3310 _ my friend says these type of hand-phones can be found in telecommunication museum only :(

Blackberry_ still consider to have this!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcoming December

The most awaited month...December... the last month of the year..long holiday to be taken.. a month for mediation. And most importantly, am ready for Xmas celebration with the whole family & welcoming 2011 for the new start! December is a month of celebration..parties everywhere with lots of wine, beers, turkey etc.. How fantastic it is! But it more than that actually.

pic by google search
This is the time for family gathering, meeting with busy family..sharing love with them and to know how wonderful they are. Happy December, pals!!