Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ding dong...It's time for Xmas

A month before Xmas....and our Xmas tree is ready ! Our first Xmas together & we are getting excited to have our first Xmas as a husband & wife ;)

~ our Xmas tree version. It takes a week for us to decorate (because we had different ideas to have our own version) and finally we have this!~

 ~ after decoration. Such a great pleasure to us~

~ the ornaments. I fall in love with the ornaments under our Xmas tree~

p/s: I mentioned to Him I wish to hang out a big sock at our bed by hoping that Santa Clause will dropping off my gift inside the sock!(dreaming of cover seat for my car)

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Conversation

Our conversation last night...

Me: Sayang...I plan to have our first baby by next year. I feel alone and empty when you not home.

Him: I don't think so. Let us adjourn for another 2 years.

Me: But sayang..(I can't finished my words as he dominated our issue last night )

Him: Sayang...I do love kids, but not now. I still want to enjoy my honeymoon life with you without our kids. I still need your attention to be devoted to me fully before our kids. I still have dreams to be with you before our kids. I love travelling, and this time I want you to be my travelling partner (no longer my ex girls nor my friends). I promise to you we have our own house before our kids, enough money for them to grow, for their education and most of all enough space for you to spend much time for me alone.

Me: (just listen to him & wait until he finished)

Him: I know, once you have your kids, I will lost your attention. I'm no longer your priority. Your love will goes most to your kids. I'll be invisible man in your life. And I'm no longer be your first lover.
-----------------------and he continued  bla....bla....and bla......----------------------------------

And as a conclusion, lambat lagi la aku nak dapat baby. But I do love kids so much. Seems like my husband still need my love so much than my future kids do, and slowly I have to obey to his command. Because I do love him so much. And I don't want to neglect his feeling

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We just move to our new house for the past few weeks. Gosh! Moving to a new house really tiring. Packing & unpacking all the stuff. Still we can't manage properly our stuff. Dealing with our new home concept, our unpacked boxes, our messy home...bla..bla..bla,,and bla.... 

~Have a look at our downstairs..still need a little touch up~

~'multi-functions' dining table where you can put everything on your dining table ( not just your food :(: )

~Messy space. Still looking for the right concept!~

pssssss:::::: hopefully we are able to arrange properly our stuff before this coming Xmas. Can't hardly wait for Xmas Celebration in our own home.

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Gift

Taraaa....Introducing my new boyfriend, a gift from my husband..

I hate driving! That's why it takes a long time for me to decide to possess my own car. Am a "passenger" type person actually. Since we move to a new house, officially, I HAVE TO DRIVE! Whether I like it or not! And the same time, am not longer listening to any complaints from my husband (he tired of fetching me everyday)!

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging