Friday, July 22, 2011

It's all about the past

Today I met him, for the first time after almost 2 years we keep silent on this stupid relationship! Nothing much to say, as we really need this relationship to be continued like this. We still need each other much, for the remaining love we still owe. How great Thou Art..We break up for almost 2 years, then we tried again, for the new beginning in our relationship.

The feeling is so great and grateful because now we can see the weaknesses in this stupid relationship....when another person in our life passed by, just to ruin this relationship, we lost our destination. We started to hate each other, denied each other...but at the certain point, we realize how we still need each other..

~ just leave the past & begin the new path~
(photo credit to Melissanthi at deviantART)

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fly High

So many sweet things happen lately and i fly high, above the a bird, reaching the sky.

The best luck ever God bestowed to me and I really blessed for everything God gave me..after a long grief and sadness, God answer my prayer. A new relationship to be built, slowly but meaningful...and most meaningful, I scores flying color in my exam paper..

Thanks God for the mercy

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging