Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Hunger Relief 2011

World Hunger 2011..with the theme "Be The Movement", an annual charity event by government in collaboration with private sectors to help those in needy. Among the sponsors are, Mc Donald, KFC, Pizza Hut as well as Fitness First. Total donation for this year is 2.1 million, increases year by year starting from year 2007.

~ give your hope to those needy~

~your little contribution & donation so meaningful~

~Sponsored by Heineken?? Nope! Don't getting confused! Just a speculation...hehehe~

~Redemption coupon for the participation~

~ We have Miz Nina for the charity event!~

~Let's start, peeps~

~This truck for World Hunger~

~The crowd; with participation almost 10000 joining World Hunger 2011~

~The route~

~Finish Line! I made it, 5km walk for World Hunger 2011~

~ I got my certificate of participation: am proud of it! At least I contribute for something~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Friday, October 28, 2011

Got Enemies??

To have enemies are not to bad. At least you know someone envy on you, for everything you have. I don't regret my past, I just regret the time I wasted with the wrong person! Wrong person until I lost my dignity & my pride to have someone who pulled me down. But at least I learn something from them. Cheers yaaaa!!!

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Penang Mai Part_ II

Our journey still continue..

~The scene at Penang Jetty~

~Eat what you want~

~The ship~

~ Sunset in Penang~

~ A nite at bus stop- take your shoot while waiting for the bus~

~ Hard Rock Cafe, Penang~

~This is our photographer, Mr Shark Keyz aka Abg Long~

~ Have your bites for durians~


~Our tourist guide (awek Penang, doh)~

~ At jeruk @ pickles stall_ pick what you want ~

`The most popular Nasi Kandar Stall- Nasi Kandar Line Clear~

~ Guess what are our similarities with the fish head at the back? _ the tooth & our smiling faces~

~We have to que up just to have our Nasi Kandar. Once I thought Nasi Kandar is like Nasi Minyak, but it just plain rice actually~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Penang Mai Part I

Friendly reminder...All scenes & pics were taken in 2010

~the quorum~

~ we're heading to Penang, peeps~

~ nite photo shoots in Penang~

~ Day 1_ rumble! rumble! cheers ya!!~

~ Penang temple~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Monday, October 24, 2011

Living With Nature

All pictures are taken at Penang Butterfly Farm somewhere in 2010.Everything is lush & greenery, how amazing the nature comfort us.

p/s: A big thanks to Shark Keyz for the courtesy...hehehe...(^_^)..for our collection in Penang

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Food Hunting

Located in Taman Murni, somewhere in Kelana Jaya, William Restaurant is one of our fav restaurants. What I like the most about this restaurant is, the food serve in a large portion which you can share among 3 to 4 persons. So, please don't be greedy when order your food (pesanan khidmat masyarakat dari saya, Ms Frouline yang try hard to reduce weight)

We experienced it before, when it was first time we came here, everyone ordered their own favorites, but at the end, we just wasted them.

~ let's start with the appetizer_ Roti Nan Cheese. One of our favorites.The melting cheese inside dim with sweetener milk~

~ my drink_ The Pink Panther ( well blended banana & watermelon plus Nata De Coco inside)

~ Soda Herbs ( left side) & Ribena Lychee ( right side)_ big mugs & you can share them up to 4 persons (unless you're fasting, then you may drink 'em alone)~

~ Fried rice with soft crab_ serve together with prawn & cuttlefish~

~ Fried rice with chicken pandan plus smoked duck (should try this)_ the taste of chicken pandan is really awesome~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Friday, October 21, 2011

Now We're Moved ;)

Introducing our new office (my friend said our office is behind the zoo instead of museum), just forgive him, because he was getting confused today until he was unable to differentiate between 'museum' vs 'zoo''. We were too tired of moving everything by our own.

Decided to have some decors later on @ just allow Eric Leong to put some makeover probably (mimpi la kau).

~ignore my pink flip flop( i use it for walking & chasing around the office) ~

~ my new workstation_tidy & manageable (i think it just for a month till i mess up with everything)

~ a must: my flirting mug + pic with my best peeps + paper pegs (like our moms clothing pegs)~

~for display only, not for sale ( I always left it at office together with mr lappy when laziness linger my body) alasan...berat la nk bawa laptop dlm beg nie!~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging

Monday, October 17, 2011

Leaving The Old One

Today supposed to be my last day in my old room. We will have our own office, manage our own section, separate from other sections. But I still don't have enough time to move & hopefully I can manage myself to move to a new office before this coming Friday.

~my old office_soon I will leave it, but I do love it much~

~this old room is really messy, but still I love it & I'll miss it then~

Lots of Love ;pFrouline Aging