Thursday, August 30, 2012


Garden....I always wanted to have my small garden at home. A place where I can relax myself after struggled few hours at office. 

~ messy in front of our house with vases & pots everywhere~

~ Our garden_still under renovation~

~this buddy put some effort to do anorther renovation~

~ yet to finish. Still wondering what's the concept should we have~

Hopefully by end of this weekend, we could finish our dream garden ;)

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

The Visit

Visit by my Apai & my younger brother..

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Frouline ;)

Am turning to another age yesterday! Thanks God for keeping me alive! Blessing me with beautiful family, my husband, my father, my parents in-law, my siblings...last but not least, my best buddies who always there for me no matter how hard my life is!

~ pic taken during my wedding day in June 2012_with my family~

~ pic taken during my wedding day in June 2012_with my mother in law~

This year is the most beautiful moment I ever had. Having best buddy (i.e my husband) is the best gift ever, who is willing to share his life with me as well as my family & friends (my treasure ever)!

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It's all about MALAS. De-motivation indeed. Soon gonna be public holidays and mood of MALAS hugs me all the time.

# MALAS to do my work
# MALAS to drive
# MALAS to socialize / hang out with my close friends (normally I love these things)
# MALAS to cook (owh? did I cooked? Nope! My husband always do it)
# MALAS to do laundry ( even more MALAS if I see so many dirty clothes to wash)

~Orchid do have fertilizer for MALAS. Do human get too?~

p/s: If we do MALAS for breathing, we know the ending...hihihihi

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Off day

Off day + MC. I got MC yesterday & spent the whole day with my husband (since he is working on his own, he do have much time to spend with me now).

 ~ 1 day MC.. I was rushed to the clinic a nite before~

~ Am craving for this. Crab in sweet & sour sauce (cooked by Him) ~

~ Rainbow cake for the dessert~ 

p/s: Though am not being well, I can still have appetite to eat! Believe me. I'll craving for a non-sense dish & I'll try my best to have it! ;)

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stick on notes!

When conversation seems to be failed. Just stick on your notes at / on something that your partner might see & read it. Hopefullt it works.

~ I peg my notes hanging at our sleeping lamp last nite..hihihihi~

p/s: even we are still in WWIII, I always remind myself to kiss his forehead @ cheeks before off to office (while he still sleeping and hopefully he is dreaming of his charming statue, that is me)

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging

Monday, August 6, 2012

Am Back...

Yes...Am back. For almost more than half year, and I start blogging again. For certain reasons am back. Just to release what I felt recently.

I thought my life might be easy as am getting married now. But am wrong enough. It's quit challenging but I love my life as it is. I do love my husband, my family, my friends, my job & my new career.

New career? Ops! I did wrong. It will be ended soon as my husband & I will end our new joint venture soon. Sorry for didn't update for a long time. Now I'll let you know the real story that lies behind the the new path of our life. Now let the story begins...

Last few months, after we getting married, my husband set up his own business, a western cuisine restaurant with his friend & his sister named by Haus Cuiseine. Before they starting with this, I can conclude it's not an easy way to do. I bet you! (Nak giler pun ade, weiii)Problems came in, came out until at the certain point I fed up! Seriously...I gave up!

It was running smoothly for the first week of operation. For uncertain circumstances, our chef was terminated! And for sure, I was not involve in this termination since Haus already have 3 bosses (managers) here! I mentioned, 3bosses...So you can conclude by yourself  when 3 managers getting involve in daily operation (for those study Business Management). Everyone came out with their own attitude and you getting confuse who is the real manager here!

Then....the real challenge took place! My husband have to be a new chef! Luckily he is a good chef before. FYI, I seldom prepare meal for us since he knows cook  better than me even when I was at my parents in- law's house, he managed to cook everything...and I just helped him to chop the onions, garlic or whatsoever herb he wanted me to prepare! And until now, I lost my skill at cooking since he seldom allow me to cook because he said that I have no skill at all at cooking.  He always made complaint..." masak tak sedap la...nasib baik la you bini I, I terpaksa la makan habis". Luckily he finished all food I prepared for him...(Kalau tak..sentap wei..dah memang bini dia ni reti tapau jer kat luar)Oops...sorry. Out of topic already.

After few weeks, my husband managed to get new chef specialist in Thai Cuisine. Do you know peeps, how long our new chef stay with us?? Less than a week! What the suck! For P&C reasons, I wouldn't disclose to you.

Now, recently my husband informed me he just want to let go our Haus...and it is so sad.....

(to be continued. am headache & broken heart)

Lots of Love ;p Frouline Aging