Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's all about life

Oh God…once again I get into temptation. Seems like there is no way out there for me to rectify everything. Once again, I become a loser to myself, when I fail to deny the reality of life, how life is still my main barrier to overcome. I lost everything in a blink of eyes. When love comes to main concern, I fail to remain it constantly, every time I try to save it, there would be challenges to overcome.
I really tired of it & made me idiot when I still believe there must be a way out, even though I knew, there is impossible for me to get back all I had before…just like before..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anything But Me: For A Second Chance

Anything But Me: For A Second Chance

For A Second Chance

Perhaps it is true love is blind or love is really open up our life. Love is intangible thing, how valuable it is to us until we are unfordable to give a rate how high our love is! For the greatest love we have and share, we have to put aside our ego. Because ego will not bring you anywhere, but you might loss it for the whole of your life.
It really happens in my life; when both of us (me & ehemm!) deny our own love even it hurts us much! Deep in our heart, we still need each other, but EGO denies everything, even how great our love is. Both of us never confessed to each other how much our love is during cooling period that we created for our own. Until then, I realize it makes no sense to hurt anyone if love is still there. why not i'm the one should put aside the EGO to give back a second chance??
Then I realized, high consideration is really needed in expressing your love, because love really makes you out of mind when it embraces you all the times!